the team

Learn more about the founders of Bamboo Plots and the mission behind the company

Managing Director

Marc Borowy

The experienced technologist found himself confronted with blockchain ventures early on, as he founded a company specialized on blockchain-based crowdfunding of green energy projects as a computer science student. Since then, he founded various companies - his latest venture being Bamboo Plots.

Managing Director

Leo Laun

After successfully founding the first company to offer fully digital and automated postal solutions for corporates, the serial entrepreneur turned to his first blockchain venture and ultimately entered the Chia ecosystem to build Bamboo Plots.


Dirk Emmers

Dirk held various positions in the trading and investment business, in Frankfurt, London and Zurich. He was then appointed as the CSO of ayondo and nextmarkets. His experiences in both the financial sector and the domain of sales make him an irreplaceable part of the Bamboo Plots mission to become the leading company in the Chia ecosystem.


Florian Eismann

As the founder of two Insurtech conglomerates, FRI:DAY and wefox, Florian entered the blockchain sphere through the Fintech industry with a focus on disruptive technologies, leading him to take on yet another challenge - building the leading company within the Chia ecosystem.

Manager Operations

Thassilo Seeboth

After founding a company in the EduTech space, Thassilo gained deeper experiences in both performance marketing and early-stage venture capital before joining Bamboo Plots as Manager Operations.

Manager Sales

Jonas Byok

Always fascinated by technology and blockchain, he gained entrepreneurial experiences in various Deep- and Health-Tech Start-Ups. Before joining Bamboo Plots as Sales Manager, Jonas worked as an Operations & Sales Analyst.

Chia plotting
and farming
for anyone

Bamboo Plots was founded by a team with many years of experience in the blockchain space. Both as founders and investors we have accumulated decades of in-depth expertise in the FinTech industry.

As early adopters within the Chia ecosystem, we have been creating and farming plots while developing breakthrough applications around the plotting process – always with a focus on providing our clients with plots at scale and high speed.